French dogue de bordeaux Clubmatch – Nationale d’Élevage

This year we decided to go to the French clubmatch for the dogue de bordeaux – the Nationale d’Élevage – with our junior female Vesper. Being the breed’s native country, the Nationale d’Élevage in France is a very special and unique show with dogs from all over Europe. The show was held in the city of Tilque at the Chateau de Tilque – an absolutely beautiful setting for the event, with the show rings situated on the lawns right in front of the castle. There were 110 entries in total, 13 entries in the junior female class alone – and Vesper had an amazing weekend ending up winning Best Junior Female! Needless to say, we are over the moon and so proud of her achievement! ;o) Peter unfortunately couldn’t be part of the trip, so Vesper was handled by her breeder, Kristine Schoubye, in the ring. Pictures below from our amazing weekend.

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