No puppies and loosing Penny… :-(

This is an absolutely heartbreaking post to write… 🙁

As we wrote previously, both Carla and Penny were bred in December and we went for a pregnancy scan Thursday last week. Carla was empty, no puppies to be found in her.

However, the vet found 3 puppies in Penny – but unfortunately also found, that her kidneys looked very wrong… She took out a bloodtest and recommended that we saw a specialist as soon as possible.

We got the results from the bloodtest on Monday – and the kidney figures were EXTREMELY high. We saw the specialist on Tuesday, who told us that this was indeed very serious – Penny only had about 5% of her kidney function left. ☹ However, Penny still looked okay on Tuesday…a little tired, but that could very well just be because of the puppies, and she didn’t seem to be sick from looking at her. But since Tuesday it has been going very fast downhill for her every day – since yesterday morning she hasn’t eaten anything, and last night she seemed actually apathetic…she just laid in her bed, wouldn’t get up, wouldn’t go outside, didn’t really respond to anything…

This morning we went to the specialist again, who took new bloodtests, urine sample and scanned Penny. The kidney figures on the bloodtest turned out to be significantly worse than on Tuesday, and according to the vet, Penny wouldn’t make it through the weekend unless we hospitalized her, ran fluids through her body and medicated her heavily. And even so, her prospects for the future wouldn’t be good, as her kidneys were absolutely ruined. Based on the explosive development of Penny’s condition, the specialist believes that it is most likely cancer in her kidneys.

Therefore – this afternoon we had to make the very hard decision to put Penny to sleep along with the 3 puppies inside her… It is SO unbelievably sad and tragic, we loved her dearly…. Right now we are still in chok… :o(

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