PBGV puppies – pregnancy confirmed!

After two years with no puppies, we are so happy to announce that we are finally awaiting PBGV puppies again! Around Yes Powerdrop “Carla” has been bred to the lovely male Around Mixed Breed and the pregnancy has been confirmed. The scan however showed, that Carla is only carrying two puppies, so only a small litter. The birth date has been set to January 22nd 2020. :o)

Around Mixed Breed
Around Yes Powerdrop “Carla”

Our DdB female North-End Bordeauxs Akane “Vesper” was also bred in the beginning of this month, but unfortunately the pregnancy scan showed that she is empty. :o( We will breed her again in her next heat in May/June 2020 to the same male Herry Dogue del Monticano and hopefully the next time we will have more success.

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