Puppies born – bitter/sweet update

On January 22nd Carla’s puppies were born. Two BIG boys! In fact so big, that she couldn’t deliver them herself, and we ended up with a C-section. Everything looked fine for the first three days, both boys (one tricolor and one orange) were growing as they should – but after three days, the tricolor male started to loose weight. We off course immediately started to bottle-feed him as a supplement to Carla’s milk, but it was more or less impossible to get him to gain weight, as he wasn’t eager at all to eat and didn’t want to take the bottle. Also, his breathing seemed more strained as the days passed and finally – 9 days old – he gave up and passed away. Needless to say, we were all heartbroken for the little guy.

So, Carla now only has one orange boy left, but luckily he seems to be doing just fine. He is looking very nice in color and he is POAG clear as both parents are POAG clear – so for now, we are keeping him here.

Pictures below of the sweatheart – Krondal’s Whiskey In The Jar <3

Whiskey ended up being a singleton puppy – but fortunately we will be adding a new PBGV female to our kennel, that is two weeks older than Whiskey. So, when Whiskey is 6 weeks old, a little PBGV female will move in, and will undoubtedly teach Whiskey all there is to know about having a sister! :o)

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