New PBGV & planned DdB litter

It’s about time for an update! Let me start by saying, that it is not lack of news that’s the reason for the quiet time in our news section…only lack of time. ;o) A lot has happened – first of all our latest addition to our PBGV pack; the adorable Black Majesty No Strings Attached “Peanut”. We picked up Peanut in Croatia in the beginning of March – just before the corona lock-down. Peanut is such a sweatheart with the best temper ever and she very quickly became best friends with our homebred Whiskey, who is two weeks younger. The two pups are now really enjoying eachother’s company – chasing each other from one end of the house to the other or just curling up together in a dog bed for a nap. :o) Both Peanut and Whiskey have been added to the “Our PBGVs” page, and we hope to show them both, when dog shows eventually open up again. Picture below of the two rascals. ;o)

As to our DdB puppy-plans, we announced back in December last year, that Vesper was to be mated with the Italian male Herry Dogue del Monticano. We inseminated Vesper in December with chilled semen, but unfortunately no puppies came out of that, and we were planning to go to Italy to visit Herry in Vesper’s next heat. The corona-situation however has made it impossible to travel to Italy, so instead we are very happy to announce, that we will be mating Vesper with the gorgeaus Danish male North-End Bordeauxs Touchdown “Freak”. Aside of a long list of impressive show titles and results, Freak has status A/0 on hips and elbows, so we are very excited about this match. The “Our breeding / Planned litters” page will be updated shortly with full pedigree for the Vesper/Freak litter. Picture below of North-End Bordeauxs Touchdown “Freak”.

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