Back to normal

Everything is back to normal after the DdB puppies left in September – well, two of them left and the last one, Valka, stayed with us. ;o) Valka is developing just like a normal DdB puppy – long legs, long nose, big ears! I am sure she will grow into proportions again later on, but at this age most DdB puppies look funny, so she is developing fully according to plan… ;o)

We are waiting for our PBGV female Carla to start her heat…nothing yet, but it should be just around the corner. We will breed her in her upcoming heat, more info on that will follow in our Planned Litters page shortly.

All the PBGV youngsters (Peanut, Whiskey and Humle) are doing great and just enjoying life in the countryside, although we are a bit sad that we are not able to show them, as all shows are cancelled due to corona. We did manage to go to a single show in September, held by the Danish Basset Club. All youngsters were entered in Baby or Puppy class and did good with nice critics and all awarded Very Promising. Whiskey has become our oldest daughter Selma’s (10 years) dog, and she showed him herself at the show in September with great succes. Needless to say we are so proud of her and the way she handles the dogs, and we are thrilled that she is sharing our passion for the dog world. Now we just hope that her younger sister Sally (8 years) in time will share the same interest. ;o) Picture below of Selma and Whiskey from the show in September.

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