More puppies on the way…

Today we did a scan on our DdB Vesper and pregnancy has now been confirmed, allthough only a small litter. Vesper has been mated to the Italian male Borderline de la Bulle Rouge, we had chilled semen sent from Italy, so we have really been crossing our fingers that the insemination was succesful – and luckily it was. ;o)

So, it is going to be a busy puppy-summer this year! We are expecting a PBGV litter around July 1st from Carla, and Vesper’s DdB puppies will arrive 3 weeks later. It is the first time we have 2 litters at the same time, so we need to make some practical arrangements in the house, but we are looking very much forward to a real DOG summer this year! ;o)

You can find the full pedigree for both litters in the Planned Litters section with pictures and titles of all ancestors, and for the Ddb litter also hip/elbow status.

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