Christmas Show at the Basset Club

Final show of the year was this weekend, where we attended the annual Christmas Show at the Danish Basset Club. We only brought Whiskey, and off course our oldest daughter Selma showed him as always – he is her dog. ;o) She has really developed a lot as a handler, and allthough there is off course plenty to learn, she is doing such a good job with Whiskey – and she is only 11 years old, so she has plenty of time to practice…not to mention plenty of dogs to practice with, as our pack now holds 8 dogs! ;oD

Whiskey was entered in intermediate class and got a very nice critique (including a comment to Selma about the “very nice presentation”). Whiskey ended up as 2nd Best Male, and as the Best Male was already a champion, Whiskey received the CAC. ;o) He now has 2 CACs and he will be 2 years old on January 22nd – and we are off course hoping that he will be able to get the third and last CAC after his 2 year birthday to become a champion.

Aside of his 2nd Best Male in the PBGV ring, Whiskey became Best Intermediate Class in Show. Needless to say, we were very proud of Selma and Whiskey. <3

We would like to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. We are hoping that 2022 will bring a litter of PBGVs to our kennel in the beginning of the year, as we are planning on mating Peanut in her next heat. Father of the litter will be Whiskey. ;o)

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