Puppies and show

Firstly: Peanut’s puppies have arrived – 1 boy and 1 girl. Mom and puppies are all doing great and with only two puppies, it’s an easy job for Peanut. ;o) Both puppies are reserved.

Last weekend was a DKK 3-day show in Roskilde. Luckily it’s only a 10-minute drive from us, so we could easily attend the show and go home during the day to check up on Peanut and the puppies. We entered Humle (PBGV) two days, Valka (DdB) two days and Hondo (DdB) all three days. Humle and Valka did good, they both got Excellent both days but unfortunately did not receive any CACs or CACIBs. Hondo has just turned 9 months and was entered in Junior Class and he managed to win the class all three days and received a total of 2 x Junior CAC and 1 x CAC – so we are off course very pleased with his results.

Also, Selma participated in the junior handling competition all three days. It was a HUGE line-up of 17 junior handlers in the category 10-13 years, but Selma managed to be shortlisted as the final 8 two out of three days – needless to say, we are very proud of her achievement and she is doing such a great job with the dogs! ;o)

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