Update on all the dogs

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen: Firstly, we had to make the sad decision a few months back to find a new home for Around Keeping The Dream Alive “Humle”. Humle did not thrive in the pack here and we felt that she would fit better as an only-dog in another family. We have found the perfect family for Humle and are pleased to see how she’s enjoying her new life as the only dog in the house.

We therefore only have Peanut now in terms of having PBGV puppies, and we are not expecting a litter of PBGVs until the second half of 2023.

Our last litter (the S-litter) now has their own page in the Our Breeding section.

Dogue de Bordeaux: Krondal’s Valka has had her official status on hips and elbows and she came out with the brilliant result of HD/A and AD/0 – we are so pleased with this. Also Krondal’s T-Rex “Hondo” has had the status set on his elbows and they also came out with a clear status AD/0. He is still too young for his hip status, he must be 18 months, so we can do the x-rays in February 2023.

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