Ramona playdate

Our little PBGV puppy Ramona is 6 weeks old tomorrow. Due to the fact that she doesn’t have any siblings, we have been looking for a litter of puppies, that she could visit and play with. We were so fortunate that Kennel Tofthus (Mette Toft) invited Ramona to visit her litter of cairn terriers – 4 boys, 10 days older than Ramona. We have visited them 3 times now, once a week from Ramona was almost 4 weeks old. The last visit was yesterday, and allthough the terrier boys are 10 days older and on their own home turf, Ramona had her tail up and was curious and interested in the other puppies – so lovely to see. <3 Videos below are from the visit yesterday.

Also further below a video of Ramona and our DdB female Valka. <3

PBGV Krondal’s Ramona & DdB Krondal’s Valka

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