MY DOG show Gothenburg, Sweden

Peter and Selma went to the MY DOG show yesterday in Gothenburg, Sweden with Krondal’s T-Rex “Hondo” and Senseo Supernova.

Hondo was entered in champion class and won Best Male and BOB with a Swedish CAC and the CACIB. Hondo is thereby new Swedish Champion. ;o)

Also, he now has CACIBs from 3 different countries, and he just needs one more CACIB after February 10th to become International Champion. (he won his first CACIB on Februrary 10th 2023, and there must be 12 months between the first and the last CACIB). So we are hoping this title is within reach. ;o)

Selma took Nova in juniorhandling in Gothenburg and did a very good job, ending up 2nd in her class (Mini, 10-13 years). It is so great to see the connection between Selma and Nova and we are looking forward to their continued work (and hopefully success) in the juniorhandling ring in 2024.

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