Happy New Year and new photos

Happy New Year to all! ;o) We (Peter, that is) has spent the last few months fencing our entire field and has now turned it into a HUGE pen to walk the dogs! Carla and Penny are both very excited, as they now get to run without leashes – something that obviously was completely impossible with PBGVs before the fence came up! It’s a joy for all of us – humans and dogs – to be able to walk with the pack without leashes…which was in fact the main reason for moving out here to the countryside in the first place. And it has been very easy so far with Dogue de Bordeauxs and an English Bulldog, who never ran very far away and could always be called back….however, that all changed when the PBGVs moved in! So, we cancelled the lease contract on our field, that has been let out to a local farmer until now, and have now fenced the entire field.

img_4082 img_4127 img_4128

Penny – now 7 months old – is developing very nicely and we are looking forward to start showing her along with Carla, who we will also continue to show in 2017. Below a couple of new photos of the PBGVs – Carla on the left and Penny on the right.

carla_17m_01 penny_7m_01img_5989

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