Around Yes Powerdrop “Carla”
Born: 7 August 2015
POAG: clear (by heritage)

Danish Champion
Copenhagen Winner 2016 & 2017
Copenhagen Junior Winner 2016

Pedigree Carla
ECVO eye test Carla
Gallery Carla
Black Majesty No Strings Attached “Peanut”
Born: 9 January 2020
POAG: not tested yet

Pedigree Peanut
Gallery Peanut
Krondal’s Whiskey In The Jar “Whiskey”
Born: 22 January 2020
POAG: clear (by heritage)

Pedigree Whiskey
Gallery Whiskey
Around Keeping The Dream Alive “Humle”
Born: 26 April 2020
POAG: clear (by heritage)

Pedigree Humle
Gallery Humle

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