Buying a puppy from us

If you are interested in buying a puppy from us you are very welcome to give us a call or send us a mail. When we have a planned litter to come, we will be signing up people for a puppy.

Once the puppies are born we will allow the female to have some peace and quiet with the litter for the first 3 weeks, which means no visits in this period. After 3 weeks of age and until the puppies are ready to leave our house at 8 weeks, the families are welcome to visit us and the puppies. Aside of playing and cuddling with the puppies (off course!), the visits will make it easier to decide which puppy in the litter is best suited for the family and also the visits are very useful in clarifying as many questions as possible before the puppy enters the new home, especially if it is first-time dog owners.

Our puppies are sold with a Danish Kennel Club pedigree as well as a Danish Kennel Club purchase contract. All puppies will be de-wormed and vaccinated before leaving the house. The puppies will be ID chipped shortly before leaving the kennel for their new homes and the vet will at the same time do a physical health check on each puppy and issue a health certificate. Also, we’ll provide all the new dog owners with a bag of the puppy food they’re used to in order to make a smooth transition to the new food they will be getting.

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